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Welcome to the Fold! Join Michael Tocci and Adam Lees, strong-minded and bull-headed friends as they offer their top six choices on topics spanning the entire spectrum that is the experience of life.

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Aug 15, 2017

Hey bozos! Michael and Adam welcome back their friend Jason Yucis (author of the online comic: Cattle and the Creeping Things) as they add to the cultural lexicon with their Top Six insults. Michael moderates as Adam and Jason square off once again, with Adam relaying stories centered around Ellio’s pizza as well as a breakdown of The Grinch’s theme song; while Jason shouts out Run the Jewels and dishes out multiple comedy ‘K’s. The listeners are also introduced to the horror that is the Mummer’s Parade, and privy to discussion of the fragile nature of people today…and serial killers. Yup, something for everyone!


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