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Welcome to the Fold! Join Michael Tocci and Adam Lees, strong-minded and bull-headed friends as they offer their top six choices on topics spanning the entire spectrum that is the experience of life.

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Jun 27, 2017

Hug and kiss your loved ones before this one, because as Marty McFly once said, “Whoa, this is heavy.” Michael and Adam dive head first this week into the films for which one viewing is enough. Before getting there, they both unveil the franchise which holds the “None is Enough” label for them; and then proceed down a path analyzing the ravages of war, poverty, dementia, drug addiction and euthanasia. Is there any levity to be carved out here? Of course!! Will Bjork make yet another appearance on the show? Of course!! Spoliers abound on this one, you have all been warned!

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